Linda Hayes

Fit Center Nieuw Vennep for me is now like a 2nd home and my place of salvation! 

"I found Zumba in Nieuw Vennep on Facebook in summer 2012 during a time that I was so miserable with myself and I was desperately looking to find a sport that I would like and be able to stick to.So fortunately for me I found Duco’s zumba videos which looked super FUN which I needed at that time along with some mama free time. So in September 2012 I signed up for Zumba and I have not looked back since.  That was the start of my transformation process, when I realized the effect of what an hour of dancing could do for me.  It went from there. 

I decided in October to make an investment in myself. With the support of both Duco and Margreet they helped me realize my first major goal in March 2013.  Now I have to admit that a lot of sweat and a lot of tears were shed at Fit Center but no better place to be able to do that.  I found a new sport family in Holland and have made some great sport friends.  I am even proud to be called a sport junkie :). 

So I cannot recommend Fit Center enough to anyone that wants a nice place to workout and have fun and might need a little bit of personal help to realize goals.   I am not finished yet, and I always have a goal to focus on so I told Duco and Margreet I am a KLANT FOR LIFE!!!!!"

Dieet oplossingen: met of zonder sporten


In 10 weken tijd naar een gezond gewicht. Wekelijks wegen en nieuw voedingsadvies.
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Waarom wil jij afvallen

Ik wil mijn gezondheid verbeteren en mijn oude kleding weer aan kunnen. 
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